Pea Coat

Image result for pea coatI am a pea coat, not just a pea, not just a coat– a pea coat.

I have had  long journey getting to where I am today…in someone else’s closet. My first owner’s name was Jeff and he used me all the time in France during the winter and even kept me groomed quite nicely. He bought me from a retailer, who bought me from a manufacturer, who no longer makes things like me anymore. I think they went out of business in the 80’s. One day Jeff decided he was going to move to Costa Rica so he didn’t need me anymore. We had a long talk and I wasn’t mad at him because he treated me well for so long. He donated me to a thrift store where I was then bought by a retailer called MAD Vintage, one of the best places donated clothes could end up. After a couple of weeks on the shelf, I caught the attention of my new owner William. I fit him perfectly and it was getting quite cold so I became his one and only winter pea coat. His closet is very well organized and I am so happy I ended up where I am despite Jeff leaving me.

PS: Jeff, if you’re reading this, I fit William way better

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