Even if i run out of battery i still have energy


I´m a phone battery lithium ion, electrodes, electrolyte, carbon, and many other things. You just pay attention to me while i work to keep your phone alive but once i run out, you don’t care anymore and get rid of me as soon as you can.

If you throw me away it makes me angry and i light myself and burn everything around me or i can get really sad and poison everything around me with my toxic tears.

So next time i run out don’t risk the environment or yourself and take me to the nearest recycling center.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-10 at 4.26.57 PM

Written by:

Ariadne Lavin

Lea Linse

Nora Plascencia San

We used those tags because this post is to make people a bit more conscious about the environment and the actions, cause sometimes we don’t pay attention to our phone batteries or other items that could cause great harm.

It is related to our last post because we talked about phones and their favorite persons, so this posts shows how a person you love can turn in to someone you hate.

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