Team Members:

Aziz Yasarlar, Chour KIT Sorendy, Betti Nathan, Ryan Fayan, Chung Hin Lam, Nicola Ercolini

I am pair of Binoculars, I am composed of a series of lenses to magnify objects or scenes that are a great distance away. I am picked up, and put against a pair of eyes to be seen through. In general, this makes me happy because I give others the satisfaction of seeing things that they typically cannot see. I am at my peak level of happiness when I am used during hikes to admire the scenery around me. I see plenty of rare birds, and landscapes throughout the day. Sometimes, I am also used during sporting events to help others catch a closer glimpse of the action.

We wrote it in this manner because binoculars are a tool used to see a wide range of things, and as a group we wanted to describe the object in as general a way as possible.

Image result for binoculars in use

We chose this photo of a child using binoculars because it shows that people of all ages can use this product, and derive satisfaction from it’s purpose.

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