How to Make It

  1. Cut half of a lime into small wedges.
  2. Place the lime and sugar into an old-fashioned glass and muddle well.
  3. Add a few ice cubes.
  4. Top the drink with cachaça.
  5. Stir well.


How Strong Is the Caipirinha

Much like other liquor-only muddled cocktails, there is not much in the caipirinha to dilute the drink. If we factor in a little lime juice and a slight amount of ice dilution, we can estimate that your caipirinha will be around 30 percent ABV (60 proof).

That’s slightly lower than the bottling strength of the average 80-proof cachaça. Of course, it will be stronger with a higher proof liquor. Keep this in mind because it may be a great tasting drink, but it is certainly not a weak one.

Put a Twist on the Caipirinha

The most popular cocktails frequently act as a base that we can twist, turn, and manipulate to create fun and exciting new drinks. The caipirinha is no exception and the bar can become our playground with this simple formula.

One of the easiest ways to adapt the drink is to shake it then serve it up to create a caipirini. Add a little extra flavor to that and mix up a spiced pear caipirini, which is fabulous for autumn and winter.

If you want to take the lime-cachaça mix and transform it into a summer treat, consider turning it into a frozen ice pop.

Returning to the original recipe, if you have a fruit that can handle the muddler you can add it to the caipirinha. It’s a perfect drink for the season’s best produce and an entirely new experience every time.

For example, in the heat of summer toss a few berries into the glass for a raspberry caipirinha or a lemon, lime and blue caipirinha. When you want something exotic, mix up the likes of the kumquat-ginger caipirinha. And, when the autumn leaves start to appear, bring in some apple, cinnamon, and sage for a pleasant homecoming caipirinha.

Let these recipes serve as inspiration. See what new fruits, herbs, and other ingredients are at the produce market and don’t be afraid to accent it with a liqueur for extra flavor. The possibilities are endless with a great bottle of cachaça and a muddler in your hand, so have fun and see where your taste buds take you.


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(Source: The Spruce)


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