The loving triangle

I am a bottle of red wine from the province of Bordeaux. I help people to relax and have a good and sincere conversation with my friends. I can be served alone but I give mre pleasure to people when I am accompanied with my friends: cheese and choclate

From anchient times cheese adds to me new vertues and my flavour can stand out with me. together we are becoming a simphomy together. The ones that combine cheese and vine can not resist another bite and sip.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-07 at 11.10.34My other besty is cocolate. It hives some sweetiness even to me when I an in a sour mood. But unfortunately despite strong love to me girls hate my friend afterwards becase it makes tham look fatte and fatter but I like it because the bigger you are the more time we can spent together.

Unfortunately chocolate and cheese do not match each other and make people sick so only I – WINE CAN LINK TEEM TOGEHTAR.

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