Future schooling

Hi everyone ! I’m an English course, taking place in France ! Oh my god, such a disaster !!

I generally love to express myself and to be vocal about my opinion. But in France they have a strange way of using me.

First of all the French accent is so……….distinctive ! They are always studying grammar and never use me in real-life situations.

French students never raise their voices.

When I look at my European neighbors, I get so inspired.

  • It would be so fun to practice me from the primary school, with song and game.
  • It would be great to meet me in my own country, and to discover my friendly side.
  • Maybe it would be beneficial to have less people in the class room, this way people would feel more at ease and would dare to express their opinion. Because french people are so shy and especially when it comes to speaking in English.

So please use me in a better way, and don’t be afraid !!






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