Tic Toc

513gWXt+KCL._SY355_ copia[4172].jpg


I’m an old clock and I do Tic Toc.

I define people’s life: I organize their schedules and help them to be succesful.

Some people follow me, some don’t which is why I become a big troublemaker.

I was born on the Switzerland’s Alps but my father live’s in france; he is the MIEX’s marketing teacher and he’s very proud of me.

I can be useful for good meals, to get good grades in Marketing Classes and to keep relationship tight and strong (if you are late you are in trouble).

Cultures have different habits with me so whoever is reading this post be aware!


This picture is the Known white rabbit that simbolizes time in the Alice in Wonderland Cartoon. He always follows the time and he is obsessed by it; with this picture we want to represent how time is important in Society. The clock we chose is a fluffy one because life is not only about time.

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