Shady truth behind shiny rock

Who is the best friend of women? It Is me! But the true story is not that shiny.

I am a very expensive rock. I lied in the terrain in the african volcano for thousands of years from the very mouth of the volcano. People are obsessed with me for being very rare and shiny this is the reason why they even can kill a person without saying spending a fortunate on me.

I was found by a little african citizen that was working 20 hours a day to obtain some food for a living. Than I was collected by the army force and illegaly sold for nothing to Gujarat in India to be polished and cutted. Than a Fashinable retale shop buys me from Indian suppliers and puts me on the ring.


I was put at the shelves for a new husbands that prefer me as a gift for a wedding.
And than I was found on the finger of this beautiful, and the happiest woman in the world. And everytime, when we stay together alone, she starts to dance and shout “hurray”

#Exploatation #mining #sorting #marriage #unfairlabour #happiness

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