From a tree to the toilet


Welcome to the annual convention of the worst jobs in the world, next, to make a testimony will be… Mr. Toilet Paper…

I was born in a green forest, full of fresh air and wonderful landscapes were you only had to worry about photosynthesis, and to have enough water in your body, later the lumberjack started with the whole nightmare.

Cut by cut I felt that I was loosing my essence, in a blink I was down in the grass and they took me to a big warehouse where I found a lot of trees and made me that I wasn’t alone.

The people over there started to transform my beautiful wood body that took me years to work out into a weird shape of a roll of paper strips, and that made me feel empty in the inside. Then I was packed in a plastic bag with more parts of my transformed body and took me into a long trip to a big retailer store.

Finally somebody picked me up and I thought this was the second chance to start over and have a purpose in my life but… I could never been so wrong in my life, he exploited me in a way I want to cry only to remember it and finally throw me to a wet place called the toilet and also i wasn’t long enough to cover my master necessities even if they use more of my body parts. I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel when the swirl came up….. And that’s my sad story….







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