Destination is not unknown!


Navigator – is the best gadget of the 21 century.

I got here to help people to know their way! I was produced in China, packed in a little tiny box and then I came to the retail shop, waiting for my host to come for me..

And then I WAS BOUGHT! I came home with my new friend – Jerry, he unpacked me and sticked me to the window of the car and now I am finally fulfilling my destiny!

We are travelling together!

I can make a route even if there is no roads and paths!

I open him this crazy and complicated world and I  help him to find all existed destinations in non existed places.

Just one touch and I will show Jerry the world..

In comparison to his  girlfriend  I know where it is right and left..where Jerry need to turn and where he need to stop! 

Following me and he is always THE FIRST avoiding  traffic jams!

But still Jerry is gentle with me in order not to loose the GPS signal 😉





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