Step by step

Dear new owner,

I´m so happy that life gave me the chance to meet you, I want to share with you some promises that I will never brake, I´ll go your own pace, and you can always support on me and my twin brother, I will always be happy to go with you in every adventure and protect yourself from the difficult road that you could find, also if you want I am a good partner for dancing, playing and running.

I might break, get flood but I would never leave you alone in your path, and sure when the end comes you will remind me and my twin for all those elegant nights and all that good memories that we will have together, so I will propose you to give me a second chance, and don´t throw me away, I´m sure you will have the creativity to take advantage of all of me, for example once I had this friend that was the most important help to bring nature back to earth.

I´m your buddy shoe and I will be with you step by step…


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