The book of treasures

1017 - ECHOSOnce, I was a gift. And I still am. From the outside, I am nothing but an old, leather-bound book. But like all the best things in life, beauty lies within. I was created a long time ago by an old man who decided to collect all his pictures and memories and pass them on to his nephews. Then, this passage became a tradition and with time I’ve gained more and more value.

Now, looking through my pages, you will reliphoto-album-631084_960_720ve all the best memories of a family and even the youngest ones can travel back in time and live again all these past moments.

That’s my unique feature: I was born as a set of blank pages, but now I am filled with memories, which I am happy to pass on. Time has made me rich. I’ve become a treasure.


Chiara FUCHS

Giovanna MANCINI


Martina VIERIN

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