Magnificent bottle

I am a bottle containing secret liqud usually called vine. I am from the sunny plunt of Bordo and there I have collected all the sun inside so I want to give it to people.

At first site I am just a liquid in a bottle but in fact I give joy to all around. People enjoy gifting me because I connect people and show them their nature spirit. The more they drink me the more they show themselfs. After the first glass of vine, i forget about all my fears and doubts.After the second glass of wine, i start to be the star of the party. After the third glass, everyone starts to shout and singing around me. From time to time it turns into round dance. After the forth glass, i don’t hear them anymore.

Some people love puting me on the shelf to enjoy looking on my magnificent beauty. As the women, with time i am becoming more and more beautiful.

Unfortunately they do not spent much time with me. What makes me depressed is that they are interested only in my inner life.

Anyway they continue gifting me all the time.


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