Project 26/09 presents: Post-it!

The object is a small, rectangular, yellow, block of paper with a side of glue on the top. The glue is not strong so that you can remove the post-it wherever you want!

It is used to write notes in order to remind an idea or a concept. You can put together several post-it to create a conceptual-map. Post-it are usually used at school, office but you can also use them everywhere, like at home. 


It is an EVERGREEN: it will NEVER pass!

It has a MULTITUDE of USES: stick it in your FAVOURITE place!

It is COLORFUL and it can have a lot of SHAPES, choose the happiest!

Don’t forget to create homemade CARTOONS when you are bored 😉 


Risultati immagini per post it

Eleonora, Filippo, Ivan, Ivan, Paola 

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