Keep moving on


I am a plastic-made wheel. I have black gomma on the outside and red rims on the inside. I  was made in Malaysia.

I make it possible for cars to move because I am the link between the road and the car. I work as part of a team because I am always associated with 3 others and we are united. I also get support from an emergency wheel.

I love when I am rolling and going fast, travelling and discovering new things. I enjoy feeling useful to the people that I serve, because I can take them to new places and show them beautiful places.

I am lucky because I get a special treatment and care from my owners since I am very important to them.

I am also a metaphore for life because I do my job, I am rolling, and when I get flat I have to get inflated to move again and go on. Even though I might go through difficult roads, I remain resistant and keep on rolling. And when I retire I will still be useful to the environment because I am recyclable.

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